Ancient Greece and Rome Effects on Today’s World

ely-cathedral-414090_640Ancient Greece and Rome has followed the classical ideal of the ancient Athens in the areas of art, the body and the mind. The classical ideal has not just expanded itself into the realms of art, where classic sculptures and drawings were born and made out of the standards of the Golden Age, it also has been the blueprint to which the large monuments and structures of the ancient Greeks were modeled from.

The symmetry and ideal proportion in both the body and mind have been the classical ideals of the Greeks and Romans in making art and living their lives. The era has literally lived and breathed to the classical ideal of Athens as their standard of excellence.

Through the years, the classical ideals have died down and replaced by modernism, although the art made from hundreds of years ago still exist and are marveled even today. In the old churches in Rome and the ruins of old Greek structures, you can find the beauty that was once the standards set by the people in the era starting from the Golden Age of Greece.

From the ideals most evident in art and philosophy, the classical ideals of Athens has sprung out of the passionate musicians and political views of the people. Greece, being known to be the home of freedom and liberty, crafted their way of living and political standards to that of Athens. Athens has contributed to Greece by way of the classical ideals and has brought forth reason, individualism and democracy to the nation.

Classical ideals last a lifetime and even beyond. The influence of ancient Athens has survived several generations and was marveled throughout the course of history in the form of arts, music, religion, politics and philosophy. If the world continued to live by the classical ideals of Athens, things could have been different in terms of how we individually live our lives in a noble standard.

However, art forms out of its predecessor and grows to be something to surpass what we have previously marveled. We marvel at the art we have now the same way as before. However, we no longer have collective ideals. Instead, we marvel according to the freedom of our individual tastes, and the route we wish to go. Our political thinking has taken us to places, outside of the confines of the collective opinions of others. And even if the collective ideal really improved the lives of the Greek and Roman era, the world today is bound to marvel at new things, although much more temporary. Our art and music has went in and out with the trend, something that the classical ideals are not.
Rarely do we marvel at something that has outlived several generations. We marvel at what gets our attention at the moment and we move on to the next. This is what makes our modern era different from those who lived by the timeless classical ideals. Cunnilingus images from media get our attention more than the timeless art of classical ideals. It’s quite disappointing but we the modern world is ruled by the ideals of popularity rather than a stronger, more meaningful foundation.

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