Best Foods to Have a Yummy Cum

cinnamon-stick-514243_640So she’s in the mood, and all you need is just a little head to get you started. Your dirty mind has got it all pictured, her tongue lapping up all the creamy juices from your penis. Then the stern all too familiar warning of, “Don’t cum in my mouth!” destroys the possibility of your fantasy ever becoming a reality.

You are not alone. Many women worldwide are repulsed by the bitter or salty taste found in the semen of most men. In fact, according to a study by Women’s Health magazine this year, only 28% of women actually enjoy giving head. Whilst some may consider this bad news, the upside to this is that there are foods that can transform your cum from yuck to yum.

Start with Fruits and Vegetables

To begin the immediate transformation of your semen, go hard on fruits and veggies. There’s a reason vegetarians have the best tasting semen. Avoid vegetables that are high in sulfur such as onions, broccoli, cauliflower, and garlic. Go for vegetables like parsley, celery, and wheatgrass, as they will improve the taste of your semen. This is because of the chlorophyll it contains. Especially recommended are pineapples. Pineapples not only sweeten the taste of cum, they make it smell better too.

Drink plenty of water

The greatest composition of your seminal fluid is water. So drink loads of it. Water helps improve the quality of your ejaculation and flushes out the toxins in your body. Where there are excess toxins in your body, your semen is unlikely to smell and taste good.


Cinnamon spice converts your cum from meh to a tasty, delicious, meal that would have your girl begging for more. Make cinnamon an integral part of your diet and you will be getting head like never before.

Try a Super Spunk Smoothie

This smoothie is a mixture of all the common ingredients known to enhance sperm. The Super Spunk smoothie would give your sperm the perfect flavor. It is also a healthy meal that should positively impact on your general health. To prepare this recipe, blend and drink daily, the following:
• Frozen banana (1 cup)
• Honey (2 teaspoons)
• Apple juice (1 cup)
• Fresh or canned pineapple (1 cup)
• Ginger (1/2 teaspoon)
• Nutmeg (1/4 teaspoon)
• Vanilla extract (1/2 teaspoon)
• 1 Raw egg
• Flaxseed (2 tablespoons)
• Wheatgrass (1 shot)
• Wheat germ (2 tablespoons)

What to avoid
Failure to avoid the following foods will still affect your sperm. After all, your sperm is only a reflection of what you eat. Irrespective of how much of a party boy you are, avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Alcohol and cigarettes are amongst the reasons behind the bitter taste found in seminal fluid. Junk food is bad for your sperm and so are most drugs. Thanks to guidance by vegetarians it has been discovered that dairy products, fish, and red meat do not produce good body secretions. Reducing their intake would have a positive effect on how your semen tastes.

This guide should help you actualize your fantasy. Soon she’ll be begging for you to cum in her mouth each time.

How Celebrities Fight Off Cellulite

summer-1189074_640Are you among those affected with cellulite? Well, if you are and tired of the way your hips, thighs or buttocks look, then you’re on the right place to get your problems solved. Most women can’t stand the look of cellulite in their bodies, but again, they should worry no more as here are the tips most celebrities employ and can assist you too fight off cellulite.

  1. Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet plays a significant role in maintaining the signs of fatty tissue at bay. If you want to fight off fatty tissues in your body, then consume plenty of whole grains and fiber as they assist to get rid-off toxins and waste from the intestinal tract. In addition, you should increase your daily in-take of water. This will help the body shed off its excess fat- fat stored as cellulite. It also minimizes the lumpy look by assisting in strengthening collagen in your skin.

  1. Exercise regularly

Do you know cellulite is fat? And do you know excess weight contribute to it? Well, answering the question will lead you to understanding the significance of engaging in regular physical exercise- including walking, swimming, jogging, yoga etc.

  1. Massaging your trouble spot

Massaging the area where there is concentration of fatty tissues break up and stimulates fluids under your skin, and thus, leaving an even appearance. Also, some particular soaps such as Bliss Fat Girl Soap, not only exfoliates off the dead cells, but also contain caffeine to assist tighten the skin.

  1. Using an exfoliator

Does massage fails you? Well, exfoliator will do away with the fatty tissues. You should just spring for a caffeine filled body scrub, and pay attention to your area of interest. When regularly employed, a ground coffee exfoliant- such as sea salt, body one lump, B3 Barista Bath, and Tubinado Sugar Body Scrub, promises to break-up cellulite as you rub down into your skin. In addition, it has not only hydrates and plumps your skin with avocado oil, but also tighten it up with caffeine.

  1. Wearing slimming exercise gear

Whether you are wearing a swim suit or not, form fitting clothes especially spandex will high-light fatty tissues. When you are exercising, reduce the appearance of dimpling with Pro-skin Slim Cycle Shorts. They are infused with ingredients such as vitamin E, caffeine, and retinol that assist hydrates and tighten the skin. And thus, after taking them leaves your skin less lumpy. This offers an instant slimming effect when used. Isn’t that amazing!

So you want to reduce cellulite in your body? Cellulite indeed makes your body parts look shapeless. But if you consider the above tips, rest assured you will be happy with your body shape once again.

Ancient Greece and Rome Effects on Today’s World

ely-cathedral-414090_640Ancient Greece and Rome has followed the classical ideal of the ancient Athens in the areas of art, the body and the mind. The classical ideal has not just expanded itself into the realms of art, where classic sculptures and drawings were born and made out of the standards of the Golden Age, it also has been the blueprint to which the large monuments and structures of the ancient Greeks were modeled from.

The symmetry and ideal proportion in both the body and mind have been the classical ideals of the Greeks and Romans in making art and living their lives. The era has literally lived and breathed to the classical ideal of Athens as their standard of excellence.

Through the years, the classical ideals have died down and replaced by modernism, although the art made from hundreds of years ago still exist and are marveled even today. In the old churches in Rome and the ruins of old Greek structures, you can find the beauty that was once the standards set by the people in the era starting from the Golden Age of Greece.

From the ideals most evident in art and philosophy, the classical ideals of Athens has sprung out of the passionate musicians and political views of the people. Greece, being known to be the home of freedom and liberty, crafted their way of living and political standards to that of Athens. Athens has contributed to Greece by way of the classical ideals and has brought forth reason, individualism and democracy to the nation.

Classical ideals last a lifetime and even beyond. The influence of ancient Athens has survived several generations and was marveled throughout the course of history in the form of arts, music, religion, politics and philosophy. If the world continued to live by the classical ideals of Athens, things could have been different in terms of how we individually live our lives in a noble standard.

However, art forms out of its predecessor and grows to be something to surpass what we have previously marveled. We marvel at the art we have now the same way as before. However, we no longer have collective ideals. Instead, we marvel according to the freedom of our individual tastes, and the route we wish to go. Our political thinking has taken us to places, outside of the confines of the collective opinions of others. And even if the collective ideal really improved the lives of the Greek and Roman era, the world today is bound to marvel at new things, although much more temporary. Our art and music has went in and out with the trend, something that the classical ideals are not.
Rarely do we marvel at something that has outlived several generations. We marvel at what gets our attention at the moment and we move on to the next. This is what makes our modern era different from those who lived by the timeless classical ideals. Cunnilingus images from media get our attention more than the timeless art of classical ideals. It’s quite disappointing but we the modern world is ruled by the ideals of popularity rather than a stronger, more meaningful foundation.

Classical Ideas and the Effect on Economy

sculpture-1225487_640What we call classical ideals today, first began in the Golden Age of Greece. The ideals later on spread to Roman culture as well. The ancient Greece aimed toward perfection in body, mind and life. They believed the key for perfect body was in athleticism and the only way to accomplish perfect life and mind was to find a balance between reason and passion. They were expressing their ideals through law, logic, mathematics, philosophy, poetry, art, drama and architecture.

Solon was one of the Athenian lawmakers and poets, which tried to implement these classical ideals into everyday life and law. He thought reform is needed in order to stop economic, political and moral decline in Athene. Our knowledge of Solon is limited because his work only survived in fragments, and there are some indications that what is left contains additions from later authors. Main source of our information about Solon are writings from Herodotus and Plutarch.

His changes started with constitutional reform. Before Solon, nine archons were appointed annually to administer Athenian state. They were selected on the basis of wealth and noble birth. Athenian citizens were protected with the law, but lowest class was left to be controlled by the nobles. Solon recognized all citizens equal, and he created a court that was same for everyone. He gave people power and with that he established foundations of republic.

Closely related was Solon’s moral reform. He believed that Athens is threatened by citizens’ arrogance and greed. Problem that Solon encountered was in lawlessness throughout Attica, including slavery that often occurred in countryside. If a farmer needed a loan, or couldn’t pay off his debt he had to offer himself or his family, to provide some form of labor. It was believed that farmer had a choice, so it was not immoral for nobles to use his family members in any way they wanted. The truth was, only choices were slavery, exile or death. Solon believed the biggest problem was no one enforced the law outside of Athens. He also thought that it could be fixed by creating a society in which everyone subordinate their lives to written laws which would be well defined.

Economic reform gave people the ability to trade across Attica. Foreign tradesmen were welcome, and farmers were encouraged to cultivate more produce. These reforms stimulated foreign trade, and soon Athenian pottery and olives were exported in increasing quantities. Grains were prohibited from exporting because it was believed that would harm the poor in Attica.
Solon’s reforms were celebrated across Attica, but it was not long-lasting. Soon Solon decide to leave the country, and within 4 years his reforms started to fade. The old social differences reappeared with new complications. The chaos ended with Peisistratos instituting tyranny. Solon blamed this on cowardice and stupidity of Athenians.

Solon’s reforms were questionable. He wanted to help the poor but he harmed them as well. For example, his moral reform meant farmers could no longer get any extra credit. Economic reform and encouraging olive exporting, led to decrease in land available to cultivate grains. Scholars are questioning whether his reforms were to help the poor, or were they just being sacrificed in the need of economy.

Manitoba Public Insurance Company

corvette-171422_640Public auto insurance is unique to Canada and provides government owned car insurance in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Quebec, Manitoba and British Colombia, with other provinces showing interest in establishing their own schemes. Studies have varied in the success of publicly owned insurance companies, with some studies suggesting average rates are cheaper in the provinces with publicly owned insurance, while other studies suggest the perverse is true, where rates are cheaper in the areas with a private system, like Ontario.

Manitoba Public Insurance is the sole provider of public auto insurance in the Canadian province of Manitoba which has been operating since 1971 providing auto insurance for the 1.2 million people who call Manitoba home. Many of the 1,750 staff work in one of the two contact centers agents or 122 claim agents, where customers can call week days till late and Saturdays til 4pm to ask questions, set up a policy or report a claim.

We met with some of the agents who work in the largest of the two centers, the staff were well trained and seemed happy to deal with all sorts of customer requests. We enjoyed hearing the many stories of calls the agents had taken, from a customer who had lost their car in the Walmart car park to a horse breeder who wanted to claim $10,000 on horse semen that was “damaged” in a collision, they certainly had plenty of fun from time to time. Admittedly we were surprised to find such a happy atmosphere in a call center, they told us the philosophy of their work place was to work hard and have fun, they explained that enjoying the place where you work leads to happy and satisfied customers because you yourself are happy. They acknowledged that this wasn’t the norm for a call center, most of the current employees had worked at other call centers before. They said it all started with one of the very first employees back in 1971 who would start the day by engaging with her staff through games like table tennis and cards, which now continues on right up to this day, showing that classical ideals last a lifetime!

Manitoba Public Insurance also operates the driver licensing centers on behalf of Manitoba State, allowing residents to renew and apply for licenses at any of the 147 authorized agents. The state body also operates a highly successful high school driving program where students gain 34 hours of classroom instruction and 16 hours of in car training and are only required to pay a $50 contribution fee. This also allows students to obtain their first driving license at only 15 years and 6 months of age, as opposed to the standard restriction of 16 years.

How to Make a Claim

Following any incident safety is always the first concern, even if you consider the incident to be minor, make sure you check the health of everyone involved and don’t hesitate to call the emergency services. Following from this you should swap contact details between everyone that has been involved and clear the road where possible to allow traffic to pass. The Highway Traffic Act requires all parties to give written information, it is also advisable to get contact information from any witnesses, even if you consider the incident to be resolved. You need to record the following information from any other drivers and any witnesses (both highlighted in bold, the rest are drivers only):

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Vehicle owners name (If different)
  • Vehicle owners address
  • License plate number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Expiration of license
  • Year, make and model of vehicle
  • License plate number
  • Insurance company, policy number and agent
  • Insurance company address
  • Expiration date of policy

Consolidating Debts – Get Back On Track With Your Projects

statue-99696_640Recent studies have shown that the average debt of an Australian household has risen over the past 25 years. The story is similar in other countries throughout the world. If you are stuck just paying the minimum payments on your credit card or bank loans, it may well feel that you will be in debt for the rest of your life. But, one simple and smart option that many people do not consider in situations like this is debt consolidation.

What is Debt Consolidation?

Basically, this involves paying off all of the individual debts that you have and turning your debt into a single lump sum that you need to pay off. It gets rid of interest and late payment fees and (a factor that can be just as important), removes the stress of having to keep track of all those bills and payment dates from multiple sources of credit.

There are plenty of companies offering debt consolidation to help people get out of debt. Some of them are elite financial planning providers and others are charitable enterprises. There are a real range of companies out there offering to consolidate debt, so, no matter what amount or type of debt you have, you will surely be able to find the right company for you.

Many of the principles of debt consolidation are based on classical economics, and, as we know, such classical ideals last a lifetime and can really help you out when you are in a sticky spot as long as you use them well.

What Will the Impact Be?

Let us look first at the short term impact and then at the long term impact of consolidating your debts. The impact in the short term will often be that you have more cash spare. For example, were you spending $200 on paying off your credit cards each month? Well, with a good debt consolidation program, your monthly payment amounts will have become one manageable sum and you could have an extra hundred dollars or more spare to spend on groceries and other household essentials and luxuries that you may have been going without.

In the long term, of course, the impact of debt consolidation is much more significant: you will find yourself entirely free of debt! How long it takes to free yourself completely of debt will depend on the amount of debt that you have accrued and your ability to pay. But just imagine – all the money you earn will henceforth stay in your bank account, to be spent on all the things you need! Being debt free means that you do not need to face any more of those situations when you receive your salary one day and then have to give all or most of it to your credit card company the next.

Debt has become a way of life for many people living in developed countries in the present day. And yet, for most, it is not the lifestyle that they hold up as their ideal. Debt consolidation has never been more relevant to the modern family!